To launch the special edition of Fanta Dark Orange, we created the Project Dark Orange, which consists of launching the new product through a mini-series of terror, starring the two most famous influencers of Belgium - Black Crook (French speaker) and Kastiop (Dutch Speaker). Since the idea was to focus on the black liquid, launched only for this period of the year, we created and produced 7 episodes of the most scary campaign ever launched by the brand. The campaign started 3 weeks before Halloween and ended last Thursday, leaving the scariest episode for the end.

Besides the mini-series, the Project Dark Orange also featured scary Snapchat Filters, as well as a malignant Facebook chatbot. The project also came out of the digital environment and became an activation on Halloween weekend at Walibi Park, the largest amusement park in the country, where the story came to life in the form of a house of terror.