Magazine Luiza is one of the largest chains of household good stores in Brazil with 727 points of sale. But they wanted to significantly expand their business.

Creative Execution
With the MagazineYou app, users can open their own personal store, give it a personalised name, share tips, special offers and recommend the products they know their friends like. But we don’t.

MagazineYou: for the first time social network users could open their own store and sell a company’s products to their friends, without leaving the network.

The goal was to open 10,000 stores in one year. MagazineYou reached 20,000 stores in the first 2 weeks. The conversion rate for MagazineYou became 40% higher than the average e-commerce rate.

Clio Awards - Bronze in Direct / One Show Interactive - Merit / Jay Chiat Awards - Bronze in Social Media / CCSP - Silver in Digital / Cannes Lions Shortlist Promo & Activation, Direct and Media

To launch the Magazine You platform (where everybody can open their own retail store inside the facebook) for the general audience in a bigger way, we partner with Corinthians, the biggest soccer club in Brazil, and rename all the jerseys transforming the name of the players in the name of their online stores. Also, all the radio stations present the team line up using the store names of each player. 

The results were fantastic.With the activation we increased the number of opening stores in 150%. That was the most important goal that the team did in that week. By the way, we gave lucky and the team also won the game and the champioship, increasing our sponsorship through PR. Not a bad way to make some extra money, insn't?